Blue background with a stylized motorcycle.  Arte&Moto 26,27 e 28th May at Lx Factory
Blue background with a stylized motorcycle.  Arte&Moto 26,27 e 28th May at Lx Factory
picture of a motorcycle


May 26 | 27 | 28

May 26th

18:00H - Opening Presentation and Official Brand´s presentations

19:00 - 24:00H - Ignition Party
Opening Party, at Galeria Fábrica L
(THe main hall at Fabrica XL remains closed)

Art Galery. DJs. Video Screening. lifestyle. Custom bikes. Surfboards. Craft Beers. Bar

May 27th

12:00H - Opening

Galery + Fábrica L + Fábrica XL

Official Brands, motorcycles and builders, vídeo screening, art and design, vintage cars, equipment and accesories, both casual and technic, surfboards, Craft beer, Barbershop, street food. DJ

14:00 - 18:00 - Bike Build Off

Test rides on the newest Official bikes

19:00 - BBO´s awards at XL stage

22:00 - Closing

May 28th

10:00H - Opening

Main Event at Galeria Fábrica L and Fábrica XL. Events by the expositors until closing time

11:00 - 14:00 Bike-Nic
Ride and picnic lunch

Expositors remain open for the show

Test Rides.

Permanent catering and bar

17:00H - Closing

About Lisbon Art & Moto

Lisbon Art & Moto will maje Factory XL´s space a meeting point for the most diverse forms of art and urban culture, where the bikes and those who ride them will be the focus point for the celebration of a creative lifestyle, but also filled with adventure and nature driven activities.

Produced By:

Art & Moto event had it´s first edition in 2013, and this year´s May 26th, 27th and 28th will bring it´s fifth edition to LX Factory, in Lisbon.

Since it´s inception it has continuously grown, not only in dimension, but also in quality and participants, being a proof that there is a big interest in the custom´s world creativity and the cultural movement that has the motorcycle inspired freedom as a central point, that we pretend to celebrate.

Art, design, the individual, the aesthetics and object´s personalisation, go hand in hand with evoking the most recent past. The present gets it´s inspiration for a new contemporaneous cultural affirmation, by a a certain cosmopolitan and urban way of living.

The national and international builder´s work will be framed by Art & Moto visitor´s talent, also showing their own creations. For them and for the first time, we created this year the first A&M Bike Build Off (BBO).

Opening with the Ignition Party, the music, photography, ilustration, accessories, clothing and surf, the ride Bike-nic, just as many other experiences that the oficial brands bring to the table, make this a party with many motives for contemplation, participation and pure joy.


Previous editions

Bike Build Off

Friends of aesthetics, paint, metal and screws that don´t conform with equal looking motorcycles, that aren´t professionals but shine as much, can bring their personal creations for the firstA&M Bike Build Off.

Bring the motorcycle that you recovered or improved at your will, that one you made in your garage, alone, with your grandad and a neighbour. Friends should be accounted for, and their motorcycles they worked on with you too.

Any style is accepted, provided the motorcycle has lots of style. From barn find classics, Café, scrambler and everything in between, 50cc and up, anything goes, just bring it on!.

Come and show your art and motorcycle at the Bike Build Off private park. Three will be awarded with unforgettable souvenirs from our best partners.

You can register online, or locally. If someone gives you a BBO number, you have access to a private park, and even in full stop, your elegant and original bike will make a swag race with the selected other. You just take the chance to come out in first!

Show the pros how it's done. They already know... but so do you!

Built With Pride!

Register here and provide us with the bike's brand, model and year, and put 3 links to some photos. You can also register on the day of the event, Saturday May 27th until 15:00 at the BBO park, in LX Factory.

Notice: Registrations will be limited by available space and subject to a pre-selection.

BBO Registration

Thank you for your interest, but the event has reached it's conclusion!

A very special THANK YOU to the ones who participated! you helped to make it a better event!